Color Jam

Color Jam

Use colors to win the game


  • Simple, addictive puzzle game
  • Perfect for a short break


  • You can play only against the PC

Not bad

Sometimes when you want to take a break from work the best thing you can do is play a quick game on your PC to relax a bit.

Color Jam is the perfect kind of game for those short breaks. This colorful puzzle challenges you to conquer the board - that is, fill it up with a single color – by adding new pieces to your side on every turn. In Color Jam you begin on one side of the interface, click on any piece and all the other pieces that have the same color and are adjacent to your area will join your team. You can change colors at any time while playing Color Jam, always trying to get as many tiles as possible on each turn. Obviously, the player with the highest number of tiles will win the game.

Color Jam sounds more complicated than it really is when you try to explain it. Just give it a try and you'll see how easy and addictive it can be. My only complaint in fact is that you can only play against the computer, but not against other people, which I'm sure would be so much fun!

Color Jam is the perfect kind of game for coffee breaks: a simple, fun logic puzzle that can get really addictive.

Color Jam


Color Jam

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